My latest at ProfHacker: Digital Humanities (Triumphant?) at AHA and MLA 2012

Originally posted on October 07, 2011 at 10:00AM at ProfHacker,

January promises to be a good month for digital humanists. There will be nearly two dozen digital history sessions at the American Historical Association’s meeting in Chicago, including THATCamp AHA (We write about THATCamp quite a bit here at ProfHacker). In their announcement of these digital sessions, the AHA claims that it “hopes that its meetings will become a hub where scholars and digital technologists come to debate, present new work, and stay up-to-date in research and publishing technology.”

Digital literary scholars have even more sessions to look forward to at the Modern Language Convention in Seattle. On his personal blog—continuing what has become an annual tradition—my ProfHacker colleague Mark Sample has compiled a list of fifty-seven digital humanities sessions, up from last year’s convention by fourty-four sessions. Mark claims, “within the decade it will no longer make sense to compile this list; it’ll be easier to list the sessions that don’t in some way relate in to the influence and impact of digital materials and tools upon language, literary, textual, and media studies.”

Will you attend either the AHA or MLA this year? What panels are you most excited about? Tell us about your convention plans in the comments.

[Creative Commons licensed photo by Flickr user Seattle Municipal Archives.]

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